"Peak Web Design is currently a newly revived small, local business which aims to work with other small businesses in the area for mutual benefit. This may seem like a soundbite, but we strongly believe that by creating a network of clients who are happy with our work, are able to confidently advertise their web presence and are enjoying better trade as a result, will not only benefit them and us, but helps to keep businesses going and contribute to the economy.

With the current climate, it is proving more difficult for small businesses to operate successfully. Having a good online presence is just one of the many aspects of improving the odds. In this day and age, customers do everything on the internet. They want to look up a company, see examples of work, find a little out about a business, be able to send in an enquiry without picking up the phone and they expect a website that delivers.

Clearly, word-of-mouth is vitally important and really this is what keeps businesses who are not online going. But even with that, being able to say "Yeah, I know someone who did a really good job for me - take a look at their website" can point a potential client in the right direction to see exactly what you want them to see before they make contact.

Taking the above into consideration, we at Peak Web Design would also like to be talked about in the same fashion, of course. To do that we feel that with our business plan and target audience, we need to offer a high quality service at a very reasonable cost. Spending hundreds or thousands on a website before you've even got off the ground is just not what you want to do, so we offer similar standard bespoke designs for a fraction of that cost - because it helps us develop an impressive portfolio, spreads our name around the business network and gets you online with a site you can be proud of."

Alex Cottee - Managing Director