At Peak Web Design, rather than looking at what we can do, we prefer to look at what do you - the client - want from us? What are you here looking for? As a local business, you may be interested in increasing your online presence in a number of ways, and to varying degrees depending on what sort of business you are running.

With the above in mind, for a very low cost option without the usual downside of looking cheap, we have pre-designed a series of basic templates which may well be more suited to what you are aiming for with a website for your business. To visit our template page, complete with pricing information, please click here.

If you are seeking a tailor made website, then Peak Web Design is also a great option for you. As a local business ourselves, it becomes mutually benificial - with our design expertise, you are able to gain a website which looks and feels exactly how you want it to, and we are able to add to our growing portfolio and gain another satisfied customer!

For tailor made websites, designed from scratch, prices start from as little as £200 for a 4-page website which includes text and images, free hosting and a free domain name. Prices may vary depending on the depth of content, interactivity, eCommerce etc that you may wish to include. Please visit Our Packages for a more detailed pricing structure.